Whether your device is installed in the cockpit of a fast jet or inside an industrial mixer, we understand the importance of ensuring components and assemblies can withstand the harsh environment of their final home.

Between immense vibration and extreme temperatures, components and assemblies can be subject to challenging conditions over their lifespan. From our custom-built facilities in Dundee, we can subject those components and assemblies to hot and cold temperature testing, thermal cycling and three axis shock and vibration testing.

While we take care of recreating the environment your device could be subject to, you will have the peace of mind that your product will perform under extreme conditions. Our experienced team will carry out the appropriate tests unique to the environment of your operation, including:


From our custom-built facilities, Albacom can subject component and assemblies to various levels of vibration over three axis.


We have specialist testing facilities at our workshop in Dundee to carry out high voltage measurements up to 30KV DC or AC.


Controlled shock testing can simulate the effect of wear and tear on components and assemblies.


Our specialist equipment can test electrical components and assemblies to temperature extremes of -55⁰ to + 150⁰.

It all starts with a conversation - that’s true collaboration. Contact our design and engineering experts to discuss your requirements and we will recommend the best approach to address your challenges.


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