Think LOLER before you lift

Risk of harm to personnel increases significantly when working at height and when being lifted by machinery. Increased risk requires greater levels of safety control. When using a lifting basket, especially one that carries people in it, it is vital that the basket is certified as being secure and free from any damage that could cause harm. Before anyone gets in a lifting basket, whether this be on an industrial site, for rescue or for maintenance purposes, the basket should be subjected to rigorous health and safety inspection.

This is where Albacom helped their recent customer. LOLER regulations state that lifting accessories and personnel lifting equipment should be examined and certified fit for purpose at a maximum of six monthly intervals. Albacom’s customer looked to them for help in complying. If a basket is out of use, it potentially results in jobs and maintenance tasks being delayed and hence cost. Albacom’s customer needed this basket tested and certified, and they needed it completed fast!

Everyone is acutely aware that failure to comply with health and safety procedures could result in serious injury, or in extreme cases, fatality. Our customer contacted Albacom’s Lifting Services division for a quote and the basket arrived at our premises in Dundee that week. Using our purpose-built testing facilities, our lifting engineers were able to examine, test and certify the basket.

Providing a quality service to our customers is our main goal and our lifting engineers are on hand to examine, test, certify and supply lifting equipment and accessories so that our customers remain compliant with LOLER regulations either in our Dundee facilities or on client sites.

Our Lifting Services division goes above and beyond for our customers to ensure that they comply with LOLER regulations and support their health and safety procedures. If you ever find that your lifting basket, or indeed any other lifting equipment and accessories’ certifications are out of date, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01382 889311 and we will strive to help you comply with LOLER regulations.

In this instance, Albacom now manage the customer’s future inspection dates with their ‘Reminder Service’ to ensure that the customer never misses an inspection date. This ensures the customer maintains LOLER compliance. Albacom can offer this service, where all relevant equipment is listed and stored on file to ensure you never miss a renewal.

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