Taking power into our own hands

It was the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus who said the only thing constant is change. The way we generate and use power has been evolving for centuries, and as resources become scarce and demand becomes greater, we look for alternatives.

Albacom has adapted our approach to embrace change for over several decades, and we are proud to welcome the skills of the team at Genista Energy Limited to offer our customers sustainable energy solutions.

A short drive north of Dundee, Gensita’s team in Kirriemuir share our commitment to providing a local service with a global reach. Our knowledge and skills complement one another, and by listening to our customers we earn our position as their trusted partner to find the right solution.

Together, Albacom and Genista Energy design and build battery storage systems for renewable/sustainable energy projects. If you are generating renewable energy you will have experienced the plummeting feed-in tariffs during recent years. Installing a sustainable energy resource on your land may not have provided the profitable outcome you may have envisioned. Combining battery storage systems to renewable energy sources can help with energy optimisation applications such as peak shaving and load shifting to use it when required, offering a cost effective alternative. Battery configurations can be retro-fitted to existing renewable energy sources, thus allowing customers to take the power into their own hands.

These powered battery storage systems can also be configured for use in a number of commercial applications. Battery storage units provide a cleaner replacement for diesel generators, small systems less than 100kWh can often be used in agricultural settings provide a cost effective power source and large complex systems (500kWh to 1MWh plus) can be used to sustainably power fleets of commercial vehicles.

As change is the only constant, we know that batteries are not long term solution for energy demands. You will probably own a smart phone and will know its battery life reduces over time. Configuring used batteries to power alternative outputs can extend their life. The possibilities are endless. This is not the start of Albacom/Genista journey; just the beginning.

The Genista Energy approach is available for demonstration at the Albacom HQ in Dundee. Please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss options that will suit your business needs and help you towards your sustainable energy goals.

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