We design and manufacture bespoke electronic devices, specialising in high voltage power supplies with environmentally demanding end use applications. Generally for lower volumes, we work with our clients to meet their exact requirements.  Our valued, trusted relationships include: design and manufacture of power supplies and backplane assemblies for military aircraft, precision components used in healthcare and novel solutions for the energy industry.  Our experience is not industry specific, allowing our engineers to combine tried and tested methods to develop innovative results.


We are proud of our strong track record of delivering electronic engineering solutions into communication, industrial, medical and radar applications.  Our decades of experience in the defence sector demonstrates our delivery of high quality products that are tested to ensure a reliable service in the most extreme conditions. These combined strengths ensure we meet the exacting requirements of our customers, regardless of industry. 


Our highly skilled team provides a variety of specialist services to find the right electronic engineering solution for you. We don’t expect you to have the answers, that’s what we’re here for. That might be a bespoke solution, or it may be that our experts have had a similar experience and can apply the lessons they have learned from their collective 200 year industry experience.

It all starts with a conversation - that’s true collaboration. Contact our design and engineering experts to discuss your requirements and we will recommend the best approach to address your challenges.


Ken Clarke

Business Development & Customer Success Manager

Mob: 07885 460930

John Wilson

Business Development Manager

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