Red Alert – Beware of Bacteria

Did you know Albacom has a sixth sense? We sadly don’t possess supernatural powers, but we can help you tell if your water system is heading for catastrophe.

Legionella is a term that landlords, spa owners and water maintenance technicians will all be familiar with. The bacteria Legionella pneumophila can be found in all natural and purpose-built water sources and, if monitored incorrectly, can transmit Legionnaires’ disease. Bacteria thrives in high temperatures, and purpose-built water systems such as swimming pools or spa jacuzzies provide the perfect storm of conditions for Legionella to thrive.

Businesses dealing with water supplies have a legal duty to monitor water temperatures to prevent dangerous levels of waterborne bacteria from developing. Hot and cold water needs to remain at specific temperatures to mitigate risks. Businesses commonly choose to carry out routine tests by manually checking the water temperature and logging readings, a costly and time-consuming process.

Routine water monitoring presents a substantial opportunity to utilise existing technologies to make this process simpler, more cost-effective and save companies bucketloads of time. Albacom’s experienced team of engineers have developed a solution to this challenge in the shape of sensors – our sixth sense.

Combining our assembly and electronics expertise, Albacom creates and supplies ALBA5 sensors from our workshop located in Scotland. Sensors can be used in several applications and employ advanced technologies to gather and scrutinise data, making the lives of those overseeing sizeable amounts of information a whole lot easier.

Sensing devices are equipped with Wi-Fi microcontrollers and each device has its own identifier code for transmitting and receiving data to and from a central control and monitoring unit. Central units can coordinate the operation of multiple sensors; however, the system can be extended by using multiple central control stations interconnected through Wi-Fi or Ethernet communication. The sensors can also be configured to use the LoRa network standard.

What’s more, sensors can be utilised for water temperature monitoring, meaning you can say goodbye to thermometers, complicated procedures and worries surrounding Legionella. Our sensor technology can measure temperatures over a customisable range using different technologies such as thermocouples, silicon sensors, or RTD (resistance temperature detector) sensing devices. Sensors can be adapted to various housing types and shapes, allowing their safe and reliable installation within water tanks or pipes. Sensors can be either powered by batteries or hard-wired power supply, depending on application needs.

Customised to meet your exact requirements, ALBA5 sensors can monitor and gather data on temperature, vibration, humidity, flow rates and supports 5G technology. Contact our electronic and engineering experts to discuss how sensors could be the solution to your challenges.

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