Meet Wolfgang, Development & System Integration Engineer

Meet Wolfgang, a Development and System Integration Engineer primarily working with our partners at Genista Energy. Wolfgang’s know-how and years of experience in electrical and renewable engineering have led him to specialise in battery storage systems. While Wolfgang primarily works with Genista, he is now supporting Albacom on a number of projects, mainly in our electronics engineering division. As Wolfgang continues to offer his impressive expertise to Albacom, we find out more about his specialisms and his hopes for the future of our growing partnership with Genista Energy.

“I’ve spent most of my career exploring different divisions of engineering. First in the field of mechanics, then moving to electronics and finally specialising in renewable energy. When I first entered the renewables sector, I worked for a large international telecommunication company focused on long-distance networks. I suppose that’s what led me to my current role; I could see the increasing demand and need for battery storage systems and decided to take up the challenge and embark on a new venture alongside Graham Hall with Genista Energy.

“I had worked with Graham for many years while he was based in Germany. Luckily, modern technology meant I could virtually join Graham on his endeavour to create Genista Energy while still based in Germany. That’s right; we were using Zoom before it was mainstream! As a development and system integration engineer, I focus on the creation of our battery storage systems while Graham oversees the commercial side of the business.

“My expertise is diverse; I can determine the mechanical structure and design of a system, create the control system and code the software. My past experiences allow me to do a bit of everything, which is very valuable when working in a small business.

“Since Genista Energy joined forces with Albacom in late 2020, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting Albacom’s team on a number of projects. I recently worked alongside John Wilson to help Albacom invent their ALBA5 Sensors prototype by creating its technical specification.  Aside from sensors, I also offer my expertise on power supplies and, of course, any support needed with our battery storage systems. It brings me great joy to work alongside both businesses, and the Albacom teams’ willingness to adapt and develop their offering has been impressive.

“As the energy market continues to develop at a rapid pace, we must continue to modify and innovate to not only help meet the needs of the market but to protect the environment. Together with Albacom, Genista Energy can provide sustainable solutions. The support we offer one another is a great combination, and we also boast a fantastic team of engineers. The future possibilities are endless.”

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