Meet Craig, Engineering Technician

Meet Craig, Engineering Technician by day and drummer by night. Craig first joined Albacom in 2019 after completing a HNC in electrical engineering and has become an integral member of our team. Craig plays a part in several divisions of the business and has told us more about what his role entails and his hopes for the future.

“I’ve always recognised the importance of practical experience in the engineering field, so when the position at Albacom was advertised, I took the leap from college to the workplace, and I’ve been here ever since.

“Over the past two years, the experience I’ve been offered at Albacom has been second to none. I’ve been shown the ropes across several divisions of the business, and the skills I’ve gained are invaluable. Through Albacom, I was given the opportunity to complete the full range of IPC training. I attained the IPC-A-610, meaning I now have the skills to inspect assembly work for acceptable solder joints for components soldered to PCBs.

“As an Engineering Technician, my role is incredibly diverse. I offer support across the entire business, primarily focused on assemblies and electronics. My colleagues at Albacom are always on hand to provide support, and it’s exciting playing a part in such an experienced team. I’m always trusted to take responsibility for new projects, and while this can be challenging at times, I appreciate the opportunity to bolster my skillset.

“It almost feels like a lifetime since I was a student, but after being inspired by my colleagues at Albacom, I hope to continue my studies and work towards achieving my full degree in electrical engineering at university. I will always be thankful for the opportunities I’ve had at Albacom, and look forward to progressing in my career, hopefully as a fully qualified engineer in the near future!”

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