Let’s clear the air

Effective extraction is essential in any busy restaurant / takeaway kitchen so when one fails, it causes immediate issues with the environment, health and safe working conditions.

With the harsh working environment commercial / industrial extractors are exposed to, fan motor failure is inevitable. This was the case for Albacom’s recent customer; a local Dundee takeaway restaurant who were experiencing problems with one of their kitchen extractor fans. Airborne grease particles had condensed over the appliance, requiring the motor to work much harder to turn the fan blades. Grease build up eventually gets so bad that the resistance can stop it from turning completely.

Fortunately, our customer contacted Albacom’s motor rewind and repair division before it reached this stage;  our engineers were able to help get the extractor fan fully working again.

After a deep clean to remove the grease, the motor was overhauled, bearings replaced, fully tested and the motor was as good as new.

This customer saved themselves time and money by contacting Albacom before their motor stopped working completely. Left for much longer, the motor would have soon stopped functioning and resulted in a rewind or complete replacement.

Another of Albacom’s customers wasn’t so fortunate – having left it too late, so the capacitor circuit had blown on their motor, resulting in the kitchen being closed for almost three days whilst Albacom rewound the motor –  obviously a huge inconvenience and a loss of earnings as the kitchen facilities were unsafe to open without a working extractor fan. A regular clean and renewing of the bearings at Albacom could have prevented the shut down! Albacom can provide a service plan to ensure your extractor fan is checked regularly. So why not arrange an annual service of your extractor fan and prevent any long-term issues that may affect your business activity.

So, it seems that prevention is better than cure!  Call us on 01382 889311 and we’ll ensure that your motor is fully functioning again as quickly as possible.

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