Crafting Connections

It’s no secret that we take pride in our decades of assembly engineering experience. You could say it’s Albacom’s bread and butter. Finding solutions is what makes us tick – we’re engineers, after all. Our team enjoys rising to the challenge and discovering new and enhanced ways of delivering results.

Our recent partnership with Genista Energy has seen our assembly capabilities and sustainable engineering worlds collide. Together, Albacom and Genista Energy design and build battery storage systems for renewable/sustainable energy projects. What’s more, we’ve found an alternative way to create the mass number of cable assemblies required to bring a battery storage system to life.

Our Battery storage systems are primarily for commercial and industrial applications, and cable assemblies are an integral part of the system, with up to 150 cable assemblies in our large containerised systems.

Created to withstand extreme conditions, cable assemblies are also an essential component in electric and hydrogen vehicles such as buses, trains and cars. The need for a readily available supply of the parts needed to manufacture these vehicles is quickly becoming crucial, with the sale of new petrol and diesel cars to cease in the UK by 2030.

Traditionally sourced from China, cable assemblies are made up of High Voltage cables and connectors. Combining our assembly and manufacturing expertise, Albacom now creates cable assemblies from our workshop in Dundee. Not only will this support our partners at Genista Energy, but it offers a local supply of cable assemblies to the wider market and delivers a considerably shorter lead time.

Albacom’s cable assemblies can be used in a number of applications and custom-made to your exact requirements. Contact our design and engineering experts to find out how we can craft connections through cable assemblies for your business.

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