Battery storage units provide a cleaner replacement for diesel generators.

Our partnership with Genista provides the manufacturing skills and battery storage knowledge to design and build custom configurable lithium-ion battery storage solutions. These systems store energy when it is available from renewable sources and release it on demand for use across a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Small systems of less than 100kWh can often be used in agricultural settings to provide a cost effective power source, and large complex systems (500kWh to 1MWh plus) can be used to sustainably power fleets of commercial vehicles.  Customers can expect improved business efficiency and reduced carbon emissions to support a greener future.

Our solutions are designed and built at our facilities in Dundee where we apply the same high standards required by our defence sector clients to the manufacture of Genista’s energy storage systems. The Genista Energy approach is available for demonstration at the Albacom HQ in Dundee.

Together we are unlocking the full potential of local renewable energy generation to provide the right solution for you.

Please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss options that will suit your business needs and help you towards your sustainable energy goals.


Graham Hall

Managing Director of Genista Energy Ltd

Mob :  07521 477906


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