We are a team of experienced and dedicated engineering specialists. From local specialist requirements to multinational supply chains, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional quality products with excellent service.

Our proven approach means we work across a variety of disciplines to understand the needs of our clients and offer the right solution across our four key divisions.

Each division provides the specialist skills of its discipline. We have the added advantage of sharing our team’s unique perspectives from our varied expertise with our customers.  This means a different view which is not always the most obvious answer.  The best way to find out what we offer is to talk to us.


Crafting Connections

It’s no secret that we take pride in our decades of assembly engineering experience. You could say it’s Albacom’s bread and butter. Finding solutions is what makes us tick – we’re engineers, after all. Our team enjoys rising to the challenge and discovering new and enhanced ways of delivering results. Our recent partnership with Genista…

Introducing John

It has been an interesting year at Albacom, and like many businesses, we have pivoted with the unpredictable twists and turns. Alongside our new joint venture and redefined offering, we have been lucky to add new skills and expertise to our management team. We are delighted to welcome John to Albacom, get to know more…

Taking power into our own hands

It was the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus who said the only thing constant is change. The way we generate and use power has been evolving for centuries, and as resources become scarce and demand becomes greater, we look for alternatives. Albacom has adapted our approach to embrace change for over several decades, and we are…


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